Star Wars: Aftermath Review

Star Wars: Aftermath

Author: Chuck Wendig

Published: September 2015 By Del Rey


Series: Book One in the Aftermath Series

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Battle of Endor has put an end to the Empire’s reign upon the galaxy. But while The Emperor and Darth Vader are dead the Empire still exists. In the Outer Rim the last of the remenants of the Empire holds on to a small number of planets and seek to regain some of the Empire’s former glory. On the planet of Akiva Admiral Rae Sloane is gathering the last of important players of the Empire to discuss the next step for the Empire. At the same time Captian Wedge Antilles is searching the Outer Rim for the last bits of the Empire. He is caught and held prisoner. On the planets surface Pilot Norra Wexley (who flew a Y-Wing along side the Millenium Falcon through the second Death Star) has returned home to retrieve her son.Also a female Zabrak bounty hunter is on the planet hoping to pick up a bounty on one of the important Imperials on the planet. Also a former Imperial Loyalty officer in hiding. These strangers will need to come together to rescue Wedge and try to make it off the planet alive.

My Thoughts:                                                                                                         A while back I decided to stop reading the Star Wars Legends books and just focus on the New Canon I’ve read a few already and found them to be pretty good. Now I’ve heard that some were not crazy about this book but that the over all series is pretty good. That being said I thought it was pretty good I went in with low expectations but enjoyed it and look foward to book two and three. The story takes place right after Return of the Jedi I went in expecting to read what happened to Luke, Leia and Han. But this book wasn’t about them and that’s fine, it just make the whole universe feel bigger. There is a small interlude with Han and Chewie and the other characters are mentioned thru out the book. The new characters are interesting and we learn what they were doing during the events of Jedi. I like that they were close to the action and it makes you feel that if you rewatch Jedi you just might see them in the background. One thing that did bother me and I hope that people don’t take this the wrong way but I felt that the author kept pushing the fact that there are gay characters in the universe. Which is fine but there were three occasiones where the fact was pushed this or that character is gay and it didn’t do anything for the story other then shock value. That being said this was a solid entry into the New Canon Star Wars universe.

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Sunday Reading Update 06/11/2017

So I’ve been seriously neglecting my page. Lately it’s been a real struggle. I think because I haven’t really read anything that ha wowed me. I’m a really compulsive person and once a have a certain order on my TBR pile I usually stick to it. But lately I’ve been reading certain book series that I wasn’t enjoying and it made reading and blogging feel more like work then fun. So I’ve made some changes. I have stopped reading books in the Star Wars Lengend series. There is just too many and I haven’t been impressed with any of them in a while. I will still be reading Star Wars books in the new canon as there is not as many and I shouldnt have a problem getting ahead of this series. I still will be reading books in the Dragonlance series for now. No more books are being written in this series and its just something I want to complete. I will still be making my way through the Stephen King catalog another life goal. in between each of this books I will read a random series that is in my TBR pile and a stand alone book, meaning it is a one shot and not part og a series. As of the moment I am reading Weasel’s Luck by Micheal Williams it is Part #3 in the Dragonlance: Heroes series and I am at 65%. I’m also reading The Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice The third novel in The Vampire Chronicles series and I am about 50% thru with this one. In other book news I recently purchased Gwendy’s Button Box by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar and this will go to the top of my reading pile. That’s all have a great week.

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Sunday Reading Update

I’m writing this one early and it will be short. My wife is still asleep and I plan to dedicate the day to her once she wakes up. This week flew by. At work I had to travel to a different town in a RV everyday and do a story on said Town. So I was especially busy. I’m at 22% with The Sorceress and 37% with Heir to the Empire. I’ve also started watching A Game of Thrones I hope to catch up with everyone else once the new season starts. Also the TV show Humans I’m on the first episode of season 2 and not sure how I feel about it. The first season was great, but the second season started off with such a different feel. That’s all for today. 

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The Vampire Lestat Review

The Vampire LestatAuthor: Anne Rice

Published: September 1986

Length: 550

Series: Book two of The Vampire Chronicles 

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

In Anne Rice’s second novel in the best selling Vampire Chronicles Series we get to hear Lestat’s story. How he battled a pack of wolves terrorizing his village. How he met Nicholas and they escaped together to London, Lestat to become an actor and Nicki a famous violinist. Lestat is chosen by the vampire thief Magnus to receive his Dark gift. For a while Lestat keeps to himself staying away from friends and family. When he hears that his mother is dying the only way to save her is to turn her into a Vampire. They run into a vampire clan lead by Armand. He tells Lestat how he was made by Marius. Lestat  begins a search for Marius. Once he finds him Marius shows Lestat Those Who Must Be Kept. we then get to the events of and after An Interview with a Vampire. After a long slumber Lestat awakes in modern times and devises a plan to awaken  Those That Must Be Kept. 

My Thoughts:

My first trip into the world of Anne Rice’s vampires began a little over 20 years ago. I was a big fan then and still am. Every vampire mythos needs it’s set rules. Can they see their reflection? Do they need to be invited in? How are they affected by crosses? All that good stuff. Anne Rice modernized vampires. Making them cool while still being something to fear. Lestat is her crown jewel. I loved this novel when I read it about 20 years ago. This is my third time reading it and I found it to be slow and tedious at times. I started getting tired of Lestat lamenting about good and evil and his mistake with Nicki and then again with Armand complaining about vampire life. I guess where you are in life can effect your outlook on certain books. It did get good once Lestat found Marius. Marius had an interesting story. After that the action really picks up. I’ll see how the third book The Queen of the Damned goes. 

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Retro Thursday. Swan Song 

Today’s Retro Thursday is courtesy of Robert McCammon and his incredible book Swan Song. This book caught my eye back in 87 when it was first published but I was young and didn’t have the discipline to handle a book of this size, being almost 1,000 pages. As an adult it crossed my path again and this time I was able to handle it. It does have similarities to The Stand, an Apocalyptic event here it is nuclear war while in The Stand its a super flu. And there is a good vs. evil war but that’s where the similarities end. Very good story one of McCammon’s best. 

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Sunday Reading Update

Okay things are starting to get on schedule. I’ve finished reading Salem’s Lot and I’ve posted a review. I’ve also finished The Vampire Lestat and I hope to post a review for it tomorrow. Currently I’m reading Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire and I’m at 14%. Also I’m reading The Sorceress by Micheal Scott and I’m at 5%. still no comics this week. Hopefully I’ll get some next week. 

Things I’m looking forward to? Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 came out this week and hopefully I’ll get to see it at some point. Also the official trailer for The Dark Tower was released. I saw things I really liked, some I didn’t and some things that left me confused. I read that this isn’t an adaption but a sequel to the series. If you read the series to the end this can make perfect sense. The Dark Tower is one of my favorite series so I will remain optimistic. 

In my TBR pile I usually do them in sets of six. Salem’s Lot was the last of the previous six. The next six if anyone is interested is as follows:

  1. Heir to the Empire (Star Wars Legends)
  2. The Sorceress 
  3. Weasel’s Luck (Dragonlance)
  4. Queen of the Damned
  5. Aftermath (Star Wars New Canon)
  6. The shining (Stephen King)

That’s all for this week. Until next time. Enjoy. 

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Salem’s Lot Review

Salem’s Lot
Author: Stephen King

Published: October 1975

Length: 439 pages

Series: Stand Alone Novel 

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Salem’s Lot is a small New England town in Maine with a haunting evil secret. Maybe it was that evil that attracted the vampire Barlow to the area. Ben Mears is a writer with a few successful novels, but something happened to him while living in The Lot as a small boy. Something that had to do with the local haunted house. Now Ben is back to face those demons. Little by little the residents of The Lot are disappearing and becoming subjects of the vampire Barlow. A local school teacher, Matt Burke is one of the first to realize what is happening to the town and confides his findings with Ben. Now Ben along with the local doctor James Cody and his love interest Susan Norton must try and put a stop to the mysterious Barlow. The first thing they do is alert the local priest Father Callahan and they recruit him to help rid the town of the vampireAt the same time a young boy by the name of Mark Petrie is also coming to the realization that vampires are taking over his hometown. Being young and a fan of monster magazines gives him an advantage. He is able to recognize what is going on and how to combat it. These six must unite and try to save their small town. But how do you battle an ancient evil who has walked the earth for centuries?

My Thoughts:

Salem’s Lot Is the second novel by Stephen King and I am rereading it in an attempt to read all of his novels. The last time I read it was probably twenty years ago. I enjoyed it then and I enjoyed it now. It feels like a modern take on Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Even though the book is not so modern now, being set in the 70’s when the book was published. And it’s set in America. It’s a great vampire tale with evil vampires not love sick sparkly ones. These are the vampires that keep you up at night with the blanket over your head praying that he doesn’t pay you a visit and that the sunrise would come soon. King sets up the story by giving you little back stories about many of the residents. By the time the vampire starts claiming it’s victims you feel as if you personally know many of the town folk. And it has the creepiest atmosphere. This is old school Stephen King at his best. Now the connections between this book and The Dark Tower series. Vampires show up in the later books, but the biggest one is Father Callahan who shows up in Vol. 5, Wolves of the Calla. Callahan mentions many characters and events from the book. One of Ben Mears books Air Dance is known by Eddie Dean. The novel Salem’s Lot itself makes an appearance. Great Novel. Up next The Shining

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