Weekly Reading Update 5/19

img_7755-2This has been an uneventful but great week. Reading wise I on my current reads I am at 75% on Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds by Gwenda Bond and 37% on Star Wars: Battlefront II Inferno Squadron by Christie Golden. Also I was lucky enough to  receive a copy of The Missing Season by Gillian French. I received a copy from the author and can’t wait to read this, I will be placing this at the top of my reading list so expect a review soon. In other book news two things caught my attention. First Stephen King announced a new book for 2020. If It Bleeds stars Holly Gibney as it’s main protaganist. If your a fan of Stephen King you’ll remember Mrs. Gibney from The Bill Hodges Trilogy, she also appeared in The Outsider. I thought she was a great character and I’m looking foward to a book with her as the main character. Also Hulu announced that they will be adapting The Eye of the Dragon for television. I enjoyed the book and with Hulu’s great track record with Stephen King I’m sure it will be worth a watch. Aside from that I’m preparing for tonights finale episode of Game of Thrones. I hope everyone has a great week.

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Cujo Review

img_7552Title: Cujo

Author: Stephen King

Length: 304 pages

Published: September 1981

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

A gentle giant of a Saint Bernard named Cujo and a chance encounter with a bat (of the winged kind, not baseball) unleashes a terror in the small New England town of Castle Rock. Vic Trenton’s small ad  is in trouble and he has to take a business trip to New York and Boston to try and convince their biggest client not to drop them. He leaves behind his wife Donna and small son Tad at probably the worst possible time. Things aren’t going great in their marriage and Tad is having trouble sleeping because of the monsters in his closet. But this trip can’t be held off, so Vic leaves with a heavy heart. To top it of Donna’s Pinto is giving her problems. She holds off as long as she can but has no choice but to get it fixed and decides to take it to local mechanic Joe Camber.

Joe lives across town on an old farm with his wife Charity, son Brett and their loyal dog Cujo. About two days before Donna decides to bring her car to Joe Cujo chases a rabbit into a hidden cave on his property. Cujo is to big to fit anything but his head into the entrance but he does manage to awaken a bunch of bats with his barking. One of these bats bites Cujo on the muzzle, giving the gentle dog rabies. The next morning Brett and Charity leave for Connecticut and Brett goes to say goodbye to his dog. And while he doesnt say anything he knows something is wrong with Cujo.

What happens after is a combo of coincidences and bad luck that brings Donna to the Camber home right as her car decides to die leaving her stranded. With Cujo hungry for blood Donna and her small son Tad are stuck in her car with no one around and no way to call for help. How will Donna and Tad escape? Will anyone come to their rescue before it is too late or are the destined to be victims of Cujo?

My Thoughts:

This one took me forever to get through not sure if it was the fact that there was no chapter breaks or the fact that i was reading an actual physical book. Or the fact that the last season of Game of Thrones was about to start and I’ve been binge watching the previous seasons to get up to date? It was a roller coaster of a read very suspenseful and I found myself on the edge of my seat hoping someone was going to come to the rescue. King set this up perfectly, setting up an event of circumstances and coincidence to bring Donna to the Camber home at the perfect moment.Reading about Donna and Tad being stuck in a small car in the hot summer gave me such a feeling of claustrophobia. And the fact that things could be different if Vic would of made a phone call or if Charity would have told her husband that Brett thought something was wrong with Cujo before leaving for Connecticut. Now I saw the movie years ago but have never read the book, so the ending caught me by surprise and I was not ready for it. I wasn’t crazy about the explanation of Vic’s ad agency I think those were the times that I was bought out of the book. Still very good and very suspenseful.

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The Troop

img_7412Title: The Troop

Author: Nick Cutter

Length: 385 Pages

Published: February 2014

My Rating: ☆☆☆ 

Every year Scoutmaster and local doctor Tim Riggs would lead a group of troops from the small town of Prince Edward Island to nearby Falstaff Island. For a weekend camping trip. This trip is the highlight for the five boys from Troop 52. Kent the popular Jock. Best friends Max and Ephriam, nerdy Newton and the slightly off Shelly. On their first night on the uninhabited island they receive a strange visitor an emaciated man whose hunger seems to have no end. Tim also being a doctor is compelled to help this man but also has the foresight to keep him away from the boys. Turns out this sick man is part of an experiment he is infected with what can only be described as a type of tapeworm. This worms hunger knows no bounds and causes its host to eat anything it can get its hands on. The Scoutmaster also becomes infected and the five boys are left to defend for themselves. unbeknownst to them the whole island is under quarantine, so there will be no help from the main land. What happens when they are left on their own and one of them who was already a loose cannon is left unchecked to do as he pleases.

My Thoughts:

When I first got this book I thought it was going to be some type of zombie virus let loose on a much bigger troop of scouts. I pictured over fifty kids in a type of summer camp setting with zombies, (that sounds like it might make a good book) but this was nothing like that. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it, by no means. I really enjoyed how when the shit really hit the fan it was the nerdy Newton who was able to stand up to the challenge, take charge and run things. I also liked how the chapters would switch from time to time, from the story to internet articles and court hearings. It reminded a lot of Stephen King’s Carrie. Just to find out later that he was inspired by said novel which makes sense. I did find it slow at times and sometimes hard to get into sometimes. The disease itself sounds really gross and Nick Cutters writing was very graphic and describes the body and mind changes of its victims really well. I enjoyed it over all but wasn’t wowed by it. Still a good read.

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Rebel Rising Review


Title: Rebel Rising

Author: Beth Revis

Length: 410 Pages

Published: May 2017

My Rating: 3 Stars

I feel that Disney has done a good job trying to fill in the gaps between Star Wars movies, be it the books that lead up to The Force Awakens or Catalyst which was meant to give more insight to fans before seeing Rogue One. Rebel Rising is like that but also different as it takes place in between scenes of Rogue One. Beth Revis tells the tale of what happened to Jyn Erso right after being rescued by Saw Gerrera, all the way up to her being rescued by the Rebels from the prison planet Wobani. Saw travels with Jyn to a remote base were Jyn begins her training. Learning how to fight and other military tactics. She has a natural knack for forging Imperial codes for ships helping them by-pass military blockades. At Saw’s hidden base people come and go all the time leaving on various missions. Once Jyn gets older she begins to help on some of these missions, but a lot of Saw’s tactics do not sit well with her. On one of their missions they are betrayed and Saw is hurt bad, he tells Jyn to hide that he will come back for her. But he never does. Jyn begins to suspect that he has succumb to his wounds, for there is no way that he would leave her behind. Jyn manages to escape the planet she keeps hopping to different planets and different jobs. She finally arrives on the planet Skuhl a planet as yet untouched by Imperial rule. She is taken in by Akshaya and her son Hadder. One day Jyn confronts a man who is following her and learns that he was sent by Saw to check up on her. She realizes that Saw is alive but never came back for her. She is content to live her life without anymore fighting against the Empire and her and Hadder begin to fall in love. But then the Empire arrives and Jyn and her new family must escape. She begins doing forgery for a casino owner, but finds out that the data the she is supposed to forge will keep a group of woman and kids in servitude to the Empire. Jyn makes a moral decision that keeps her on the run and eventually she is captured and placed in a labor camp. This is where we find Jyn in Rogue One.

My Thoughts:

This is the stuff I love. As Star Wars fans we love to fill in the blanks and wonder what happens between the scenes that we did not see. What happened in these characters past that shaped into the person that we eventually meet on the screen. This one tells all that we wondered about Jyn. Why did she hate her father? We know he wasn’t working willingly for the Empire but we get to see this through the eyes of young Jyn. We realize what it must have looked like to her. We see why Saw Gerrera was not looked at kindly by the rebels and why he felt the way he did about them. We also get to see stuff that was hinted upon we Jyn and Saw meet again after many years. I love stories that feature adventures that we never knew about like the stuff in the Aftermath series. But I also enjoy these fill in the blank stories. It gives me more insight the next time I watch one of the films. Great story.

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Weekly Reading Update March 10, 2019

55D2322E-C973-4F44-8891-4F0D2825C9B2Well it’s March 10th and I awoke to find my house covered in a thin layer of snow. It’s March 10th and I am sick of snow and I’m eagerly awaiting warmer temperatures. That being said it wasn’t much snow and the temps do seem to be getting warmer everyday. Life has been slow this past week, nothing to exciting at work as for reading I tried for the second time to read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell and couldn’t do it. I don’t know what it is about that book. People speak so highly of it and I just can’t get into it. I wish I owned a physical copy of it so I can give it to someone who would enjoy it. The next book on my To Be Read list was Rebel Rising by Beth  Revis. I’m enjoying this one and should be done with it at some point today. Next up will be another Stephen King book Danse Macabre I believe this isn’t really a story but something about early horror movies not really sure but looking forward to it. The one big thing that happened this week? I’ve decided that for lent I will be giving up social medial Ive deleted my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Not really deleted the accounts but deleted the apps from my phones, tablets , laptop and desktop. Now I’m not deeply religious and that was not my motive for giving up social media. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while, at my day job I work for a news station and we interact a lot with social media and for a while I’ve been frustrated and sick of comments and negative people who for a while now have been giving the media a hard time. Since I’m a videographer and not a reporter social media is not an important part of my job. Its been three days now and I’ve gotten more sleep and have gotten a lot more done (like for example updating my blog posts). I do miss somethings like for example I feel like I’m not in the loop with somethings. Will I come back after lent is done? Probably but hopefully I will learn not to be so dependent on social media. That is it for now I hope everyone has a good week.

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Stranger Things Worlds Turned Upside Down Review

img_7305Title: Stranger Things: World Turned Upside Down

Author: Gina McIntyre

Length: 224 pages

Published: October 30, 2018

My Rating: 5 Stars

I really enjoyed this show. From the time I saw the coming soon art work on Netflix I knew this show was for me. This show hit all the feels for me. Maybe it was because I was the same age as the characters in the book in 1984, but I felt like these were kids that I grew up with. So I treated myself to this companion book to the Stranger Things series. On the day it arrived I left it in its box, I sat down to dinner, helped by daughter with her homework,got her ready for bed, read her a bedtime story, then watched TV with my wife until she decided to call it a night. I poured myself a cup of tea and then and only then did I begin to unbox this book. I held it in my hands and stared at the cover for a while. I then started to quickly go through each page from front to back. Once I was done I started began going through each page once again a little slower this time, stopping to glance at whatever caught my eye. Once I got to the end I started once again but this time reading it from front to back. And now that that’s through the book sits on a small table right next to my favorite chair were I have it within easy reach and that’s were it will sit for the forseeable future. I love this type of book I can’t get enough of the show and this book holds enough insight and behind the scene tidbits to keep me satisfied till the next season. Its filled with full color pictures and comments from the Duffer brothers. Anything you can think of is in this book. From footnotes talking about 80’s movies that influenced the show to mix tapes that explains the songs the were chosen to accompany the series. It talks about the influence that Dungeons and Dragons had on the show and the books by Stephen King that the brothers read. It’s incredible all the detail that was put into this book. The book itself looks like it was pulled right out of a library in the 80’s. Really loved this book and it will be something that I will flip through for a long time.

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Fahrenheit 451 Review

img_7281Title: Fahrenheit 451

Author: Ray Bradbury

Length: 194 Pages

Published: 1953

My Rating: 3 Stars

Ray Bradbury tells a tale where firemen no longer but out flames or rescue people from burning buildings. In this world firemen are the ones setting the fires. Burning books and houses believed to contain books within them. Books are banned from society people spend all of their free time viewing shows on huge TVs that take up all four walls of their living rooms and when not watching TV they have little seashell ear plugs in their ears not one second of the day is spent in free thought. Montag has been a fireman most of his life and countless times he has found himself pouring kerosene over a pile of books and setting them ablaze. But lately Montag has been keeping and hiding books in his home without really knowing why he is even doing it.

One night on his way home he has a chance encounter with a young girl names Clarisse. Clarisse is like no one he has ever meet before, questioning why things happen and just spending quiet time in thought, Clarisse has an impact on Montag. He begins to see the world differently. He tries to talk to his wife about his feelings but she has willingly given into the new norms of society.

After Clarisse has gone missing Montag seeks out the only person that he believes might understand and be able to help him. A man he once ran into in a park named Faber. Faber suspicious at first agrees to help Montag. But it might be too late, Montag’s fellow Firemen are on to him and Montag must decide what is more important to him, the life that he leads or the possible life that he could have.

My Thoughts:

I’ve had to let this book settle in my had for a while. At first a wasn’t crazy about it and couldn’t understand the appeal to it. But like all good books it sticks with you and I found myself constantly thinking about it. At first it seems far-fetched a world where books are banned and burnt. But is it really far fetched? Right now our society is consumed as the characters in the book with constant entertainment shown to us on a screen. While in the book it was wall sized screens (which we have) we are consumed by small screens that we have within arms reach at all time. Whose to say that this isn’t the beginning of something similar and maybe within a couple of generations books arent banned but maybe willingly ignored. Hopefully this classic book will serve as a warning to us all. That being said my thoughts on this book have changed drastically from when I read it a week ago. But that’s what good books are supposed to do, stay with you long after you finish reading them.

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