Retro Thursday

Han Solo at Star’s End by Brian Daley

I’ve chosen to highlight this book this week for Retro Thursday because it holds a special place in my heart. I believe that this is the book that caused my love of reading. It was back in 1979 I was a first grader in P.S. 50 in Manhattan.  My teacher was absent that day and due to a shortage of substitute teachers we were sent to different classrooms. I was sent to a sixth grade class were the teacher had me share a desk with who I’m assuming was her most responsible student. I was given some paper and a pencil to keep myself entertained. I’ve always loved to draw and began drawing Star Wars characters. I guess my abilities were enough to impress the sixth grader who’s desk I was sharing. He passed the drawing around to some friends and one of them pulled out Han Solo at Star’s End from his backpack and handed it to me. I asked him if this was the book about the Star Wars movie? He explained to me that this book told a story about Han Solo’s adventures before movie. I nearly lost my mind I had no idea that there were more stories told in the Star Wars universe. But I hadn’t learn to read that well yet. And I wanted to read this story so bad. After that I was anxious to learn how to read. I promptly learned to love the world of books and books since then have always held an important part in my life. Funny thing was I never got to read Han Solo at Star’s End until almost twenty years later. Also kudos to Wayne Douglas Barlow the cover artist whose art work had me speculating what wonders those pages hid.

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Comic Book Tuesday 

Obi-Wan and Anakin

Writer: Charles Soule   

Artist: Marco Checchetto

Published: July 2016/ Marvel Comics

Length: 120 pages 

My Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐

Welcome to my new post Comic Book Tuesday! I’ll be trying to do this on a weekly basis.  I’ll be reading a story arc over the weekend and then review it here. The first one is Obi-Wan and Anakin. A twelve year old Anakin Skywalker begins questioning his place in the Jedi order and is thinking of leaving. Meanwhile the council receives a distress signal from the planet Cornelion IV.  Obi-Wan and Anakin are sent to investigate. Cornelion is a planet ravaged by a lifetime of war and upon their arrival they come into contact with the two factions at war on the planet. The “Closed” and the “Open” both very humanlike have a strong hate for one another. Members of the “Open” kidnap Anakin when they see how good he is fixing machines, hoping he can fix their old tech and give them the advantage they need against the “Closed”. Can both of these factions find some common ground and bring piece to their ravaged planet, and which of them sent a distress signal to the Jedi and why?

My Thoughts:

I need to start by saying I haven’t read comics since the early 90’s, that was my hay day and that’s what I know best. I say this because of the artwork by Marco Checchetto it was beautiful and reminded me of Travis Charest especially his work in Wild C.A.T.s the details and the backgrounds were great. He also showed he has a perfect grasp of the major alien races in the Star Wars universe and I hope to see more of his work in the Star Wars comics. The story was also good and highlights the wisdom of Obi-Wan. What I really liked was the flashback scenes that happened throughout the story showing Anakin’s relationship with Palpatine. Knowing what we know about these characters it was interesting to see how early Palpatine started manipulating Anakin. Another interesting point was the tech used by the “Open” and “Closed” it was close to our tech and it was nice seeing a Lightsaber go up against bullets. There was also Mech and steam punklike airships. A great read and I recommend it to any Kenobi fans. 

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Sunday Reading Update 3/26/2017

The days are slowly getting warmer and I keep looking at the forecast anxiously awaiting 60 degree days. This week I finished reading The Magician by Micheal Scott and have posted a review. I’m 25% in The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice. Ive also started Heir to the Jedi by Kevin Hearne. It’s an adventure featuring Luke Skywalker and takes place between A New Hope and The Emipre Strikes Back. Also I think to boost the frequency of my post I will begin reviewing comics. Not individual comics but story arc collections comics that can be found in trade paperbacks. They will be mostly but not limited to Star Wars comics. If anyone has suggestions I would love to hear them. The first series featured will be Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin. It’s a five issue series and I am currently on the fourth issue, so I should have something up later this week. Thanks for checking in and have a great week. 

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The Magician Review

       The Magician 

Author: Micheal Scott

Published: June 2008/ Delacorte Press

Length: 464 pages 

Series: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel vol. 2

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

The book begins where the previous book left off. At the end of The Alchemyst, Flamels wife Perenelle had been captured. While Flamel, Scathach and the twins, Sophie and Josh Newman were able to escape from the Magician Dee using a Leygate that took them from the United States to Paris. Dee recruits the help of an Italian immortal by the name of Nicholas Machiavelli. Our protagonist now find themselves on the run in Paris and while this is the original home of Flamel, much has changed. He is able to get help in a former student Saint-Germain and his wife Joan of Arc. Through this all they need to find a safe place to rest, time to train Sophie and someone to awaken Josh’s powers all while keeping one step ahead of the enemies who seem to have unlimited resources. 

My Thoughts:

Right off the bat? Not a bad book, but not great either. It seemed like one big chase after another. I found the most interesting character to be Machiavelli. I know he is suppose to be a villain but I feel there is some humanity in him. Not sure how I feel about the third book that should be coming up in my TBR pile. I’m thinking I will at least give it a start but if it’s more of the same thing. I might have to give up on the series. I’ll give it a chance I’ll be optimistic. 

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Retro Thursday 

The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Better know for his Sherlock Holmes novels Conan Doyle also created The Lost World, a series of stories featured in The Strand magazine in 1912. Beginning in April and continuing till November. It featured an expedition of characters in the Amazon in a place where prehistoric creatures still exist. 

This seems like one of those stories that everyone knows but can’t remember reading or watching. I have a very vague memory of watching this when I was really young, where trick photography was used to make normal lizards seem huge. Those were the good old days. Sitting in the living room in my pajamas and being amazed by the images coming from my T.V. Set. The book can be found very cheap on Amazon for a kindle edition. Might have to get this if I can bring down my TBR. 

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Sunday Reading Update 3/19/2017

Spring is just a day away and I for one am looking forward to the warmer weather, sitting outside and grilling. We had a snowstorm last Tuesday and that means more work for me, I had a 14 hour work day and while I always bring my Ereader with me I had absolutely no downtime. I did manage to finish reading Stormblade this week and my review can be found here . On current reads I am 69% done with Micheal Scott’s The Magician. I also started Lestat the Vampire by Anne Rice. This is one of my all time favorite series, I only made it to the fifth book and this was like twenty years ago. I decide to reread this series because Anne Rice has come back to the series that she is best known for with the recent additions of Prince Lestat and Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis. They’re are 12 books in the series so far so it might take awhile to get to the newer ones. I also saw The Arrival this weekend. If you haven’t seen it it is worth a view. It’s not what I expected. I enjoyed it very much. Also this week I’ve made it pass 25 followers, I know it’s not much but it means a lot to me. I see it as I am on at least 25 people’s radar. So thank you to all of you that have decided to follow me. That’s all for this week. Bring on the warmer weather.

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Stormblade Review

Title: Stormblade

Author: Nancy Varian Berberick 

Published: August 12, 1988/ TSR

Length: 352

My Rating:⭐⭐⭐

A kingsword has been forged in the Dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin. With this sword a Dwarf can become High King. It’s been over 300 years since a Kingsword has been created. This sword is named Stormblade and shortly after its creation, before it can be presented to Hornfel the King Regent it is stolen. Many years later it’s creator Isarn has become insane. His apprentice Stanach has vowed to recover Stormblade. But the evil Derro race of dwarves also seek Stormblade. Thru the passage of time Stormblade finds itself in the hands of the human ranger Hauk, who gives it to the barmaid Kelida as a peace offering after risking her life in a game of chance. Shortly after he is captured by the Derro who believe he still has the sword. But Huak refuses to give them the whereabouts of Stormblade. Stanach along with the Elf Tyrol and the aging Kender Lavim must join forces to deliver Stormblade to Thorbardin and prevent the assassination of the King Regent. 

My Thought:

Stormblade is the second novel in the Heroes series in the Dragonlance universe. These novels have been a favorite of mine for the past thirty years. Beginning with the Dragonlance Chronicles then followed by the Legends series. Many novels followed filling in the history of the world of Krynn these novels were always hit or miss. Stormblade to me was considered a hit. It helps that the Companions from the original series make a small appearance. But even though it was a solid story with all your fantasy troupes. A quest for a weapon that can’t fall into the enemies hands. A group of various races that don’t get along but need to put aside their differences for the greater good. All of that but on a smaller scale. It had the feel of an old school Dungeons & Dragons adventure. Not a bad addition to the Dragonlance universe. A solid read. 

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