Sunday Reading Review 05/20/2018

It’s been a while since my last Sunday Reading Review with Mother’s Day and my daughter’s First Communion I’ve been very busy and since I call this Segment Sunday Reading Review I feel that it  can’t be written any other day of the week. I’ve contemplated with renaming it Weekly Reading Review so I can write it any day of the week, but have decided not to do it for the time being. As for updates I finished reading and reviewing Paralucidity by Stephen H. Provost. I was given a ARC by Pace Press and you can read my review on my blog. I’ve also finished reading Stephen King’s The Stand. I’ve done two mini reviews so far and plan to do a final one this week.

I started reading Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb and I’m 22% in.It’s mostly world building up to this point but it is well done and very interesting.

Also I saw a trailer for the new FOX series The Passage, it looked very interesting then I saw it is based on a book series. I checked it out and the first book was only $1.99.

I’ve put it on the top of my TBR list.Of all the books I’ve read this has got to be the most depressing first chapter I’ve ever read. I’ve heard both good things and bad about this book and would love to hear what your thoughts are on it.

So stay tuned for The Stand Review coming later this week. Have a good week everyone.

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Paralucidity Review


By: Stephen H. Provost

Length: 286 Pages

Date Read: May 2018

Series: Book II of The Memortality Saga

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Minerva has the power to bring people back to life just by keeping their memory alive. She was able to do it to her boyfriend Raven. Lucky Raven also has the same power, which is a good thing since after her last adventure Minerva finds herself dead. Which is something they can both live with if it means they get to spend eternity together. But with their old enemy Jules after them they cannot rest. They must remain on the run while trying to figure out what it is that Jules wants. Along with the rogue agent Carson and their friend Amber, Minerva and Raven must stay one step ahead of the forces out to get them.

My Thoughts:

Last year I was lucky enough to receive an ARC copy from the publisher Pace Press. So when they contacted me and asked if I would be interested in Reviewing the second book in the series I jumped at the chance. This book had all the stuff that I enjoyed in the first one. A young girl with mysterious powers, a boy who loved her and would do anything to keep her safe. A bad ass agent with a conscious and a lot of action. Now add to that a touch of paranormal, an evil Nazi scientist, a biker gang, Witness protection program and Robin Hood and his Merry Men ( yes you heard correct). Provost added to what I loved in the first book. Continuing the story of Minerva and Raven and adding in other plot lines that I quiet frankly can’t see how they will end up tying into the story of our protagonists. If I had to give any faults to the story it was how one character named Terri was able to accept that Robin Hood was really who he said he was. I feel that any real person would need more convincing if not proof that Robin (who by the way is really named Roger and hates the name Robin) is who he said he was. But other then that I’m loving this story and can’t wait to see how it all comes together at the end.

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The Stand book II mini review

Being that The Stand is such a massive book coming in at 1,000 plus pages, and being divided into three different books within one whole book I’ve decided to do a mini review after completing each part. During Book I we learn of a superflu that somehow escapes a goverment faciltity. We witness how it spreads all over the world killing 90% of the population. We come to know a small band of surviors who are immune to the virus. Out of Arnette Texas we have Stu Redman one of the first to come into contact with the diseases the world will soon come to know as Captain Tripps. He is taken to a government facility in New England to be studied to find out why he is immune. After most of the staff die off Stu is able to escape eventually coming across an old Sociology professor named Glen Bateman. They run into Frannie Goldsmith and Harold Lauder out of Maine. Larry Underwood from New York meets up with Nadine Cross and a wild child known simply as Joe. Nick Andros a deaf mute making his way out of Shoyo Arkansas. He meets up with Tom Cullen a mentally handicap man in Oklahoma. All of these characters are making their way to Hemingford Home in Nebraska to meet Mother Abagail the 108 year old woman that all of the survivors have dreamed about.
During book II the characters reach Mother Abagail. She tells them that they must make a new home in Boulder Colorado. And for a small time things seem to be moving along. Meetings are held to get a small committee in place to start running things again. But the survivors know that just the same way Mother Abagail has drawn all the good people to her, there is an opposite force in the West in Las Vegas Neveda doing the same. Randall Flagg is calling all the bad people towards him. What are his intentions and what should the people of Boulder do if anything? Also not all the people of Boulder are good. Harold Lauder consumed with jealousy over the relationship between Stu and Frannie and feeling that he has been overlooked by everyone in Boulder has a sinister plan in the works. Along with Nadine Cross who has a much bigger role to play in the fight between good and evil, they place a bomb in Nick’s house knowing a meeting will be held there. The bomb goes off with disaterous results. Leaving the residence of Boulder lost and not knowing what their next move should be.

My Thoughts:

I believe the second book in The Stand takes up the biggest chunk of the novel. The story also slows down quiet a bit. I find the way the diseases spreads throughout the world in the first book fascinating. We don’t get that in book II. Most of the characters are established and only a few secondary characters are introduced. This book talks about the main characters making thier way to Mother Abagail and from there to Boulder where they try to create a normal society again. We dont get to see to much of the antagonists that have set up camp in Las Veagas. The only one we really follow is the Trashcan Man an arsonist and a genius when it comes to weapons and explosives. We get a lot of Harold and Nadine who start to conspire against the citizens of Boulder. That part is pretty good I figured Harold is very smart and can cause a lot of damage if he sets his mind to it. I was just hoping that the consequences would not be too pricey. I could’ve done without so many commitee meetings. Of all the characters we meet since the beginning of the book, I believe my favorite is Larry Underwood. He was the most flawed. He’s become a leader and someone that the others count on but he doesn’t see how much he’s changed. He has a great amount of conflict with his feelings for Nadine and doing what is right by Lucy. At the end of Book II a group of them decide to walk into Las Vegas to confront Flagg. Frannie gets very emotional. I was disappointed that there wasn’t a special moment between Larry and Joe. Hopefully we’ll get something between them before the story comes to its conclusion.

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Sunday Reading Update 04/22/2018

Finally the weather is getting nice enough to read outside. The above picture is of my daughter engrossed in a book. She loved Raina Telgemeier’s Smile. She became very excited when I told her that there is a second book called Sisters in the series. We took a trip to the library but they didn’t have a copy available. While I was doing yard work on Saturday we got a call from the library that the book had come in, so we went to pick it up. It filled me with so much joy to watch her get lost completely in the book.

On to other things. I finished The Handmaid’s Tale and posted my review. I’m also onto book III of The Stand and will post a mini review for book II soon. About a year ago Pace Press sent me an ARC of Stephen H. Provost’s Memortality which I enjoyed very much. I got an email from the publisher about two weeks ago asking me if I would like to review the second book in the series Paralucidity which of course I said yes to. I got the book about a week ago and was pleasantly surprised to find a blurb of my review of book one inside. It May not be a big deal but it made me happy. I’ve already started reading it and I’m enjoying it as much as the first book. Expect a review soon.

On other news Netflix recently relaunched Lost in Space. I remember watching reruns of this when I was very young but I can barely remember what it was about. I started to watch the new series and I’m about half way through and it is very good. Not sure how much is kept from the original since I. An barely remember it but I’m having a good time with it.

That’s it for today. I’m going to take advantage of the warm weather and finish some yard work. Have a good week.

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The Handmaid’s Tale Review

The Handmaid’s Tale

By: Margaret Atwood

Length: 311 pages

Date Read: April 2018

Series: Stand Alone

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

In a not too distant future America as we know it has changed. Women are no longer allowed to have money of their own or to educate themselves.A selected few are only valued for their ability to reproduce. These women are known as handmaids. Offred is one of these women. She is assigned to a house of a Commander where once a month he tries to impregnate her. If she can’t become pregnate then she is worthless and faces a possible worse fate.

My Thoughts:

I usually start off my review with a short premise, stating what this book is about just in case you’ve never heard anything about it. The premise for this book is probably the shortest one I’ve ever written. That’s because the premise is very simple. The book itself, not so much. I was never interested in reading this classic novel. I knew the premise and to tell the truth I found it too far fetched. This could never happen here, not in the world we live in today. But after talking about it with a coworker she convinced me that the book isn’t as impossible as I would believe. So I decided to give it a go. It was easy to see how a society like this can come about. just having the right (or wrong) people in the right place. Telling people that this is for their own good and just temporary.

The book is written in the first person told by the main character Offred. She finds herself assigned to a new house were she is treated little better than a piece of funiture. Not wanted, but needed by the lady of the house. Things look very bleak for Offred. through flashback scenes we learn how the current world order came about. We know that birth rates are low but not why. We also learn that Offred was married and had a daughter. We never find out the fate of her husband but when you consider that he was married once before and that that now is against the law his final outcome is probably not so good.

Atwood does a great job of making the reader feel the hopelessness of Offred and making the reader want to find out more about this bleak future and is it possible for society to slip into this type of scenario.

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Sunday Reading Update 04/15/2018

this update should be quick because somehow I find myself at work this Sunday evening. Not much new to report I’m at the 75% mark with The Handmaid’s Tale I should be finishing it today or tomorrow. That means a review will be coming soon. I’m also almost wrapped up the second part of The Stand so I will be doing a mini review on that one soon. Not much else to say I feel that I’ve been in a reading slump for the past couple of weeks. I’m reading a lot but haven’t had anything new to post. I’m going to blame it on the length of The Stand. It’s such a huge book.

On other forms of entertainment I saw Jumanji this weekend. I found it very enjoyable. Very different from the original but it wasn’t trying to duplicate what happened in the first one. Instead of the animals and jungles of Jumanji coming out of the game and into the real world, this time the game evolves and the kids are bought into the game. Very fun time.

That’s all for now. Hopefully by this time next week there will be more to post.

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Sunday Reading Update 04/08/2018

not much different to report this week. Still reading The Stand and The Handmaid’s Tale. The weather here in New England is starting to look I would say a little hopeful, even though it did snow this past Friday. I think by this Wednesday it will be in the 50’s. I finished The Hidden Face by S. C. Flynn and posted a review. I got some vacation coming up and I’m thinking I might do some hiking and maybe some shopping at used bookstores. Looking forward to Avengers 3 and Solo coming soon. Hopefully more to report next

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