Music Choice while reading

How many of you listen to music while reading? I was adamant in my ways that music was a distraction. Then I started using it to drown out other sounds while reading like traffic, people gossiping while at my daughters dance class and the inevitable person on their phone talking with total disregard for those around him. That’s when I discovered that the right music can greatly enhance a reading experience. Think of it as the books soundtrack. Music choice is very important as is volume you don’t want it to be in the forefront it should be very subtle. I chose to go with songs that don’t have lyrics. Or if they do maybe in a language that I don’t speak. Spotify has many playlists to choose from just type in “Music to read to ” and let the app do the rest. I go a much simpler route. If I’m reading fantasy I go with a Lord Of The Rings playlist. Scifi? I go with a Star Wars playlist. I recently had a hard time looking for a playlist while reading a Steampunk novel and discovered I enjoy steampunk novels but not Steampunk music. To many of them had lyrics. But I found what I like to call a neutral choice that can go with any Genre. I discovered a playlist called “Morning Coffee Playlist” for many this is a no brained, but give me a break I’m slow. 

#music #books #read #scifi #fantasy #spotify #morning coffee lounge #playlists


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