Tarkin Review


By: James Luceno

Published: November 4, 2014

Pages: 288

Date Read: September – October 2015

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Your task is to teach them the meaning of law and order. Then to punish them so that they remember the lesson. In the end, you’ll have driven the fear of you so deeply into them that fear alone will have them cowering at your feet. ”                                                                Jova Tarkin

Have you ever read a book at the wrong time? That’s what I believe happened to me while reading this book. Very busy work schedule and coming home tired and falling asleep every time I sat down to read. 

Still I did find a lot to enjoy in this book. From the start of Episode IV: A New Hope you wonder what’s the relationship between Vader and Tarkin? Who is the head honcho and who is the enforcer? We later realize that Vader is the bad ass but he obviously has some respect for Tarkin.  This novel delves into that early relationship between the two. It describes Tarkin’s early years. (That in itself would make a great comic series) and his rise through the ranks of the Republic then the Empire and how he came to be in charge of the Empire’s ultimate weapon The Death Star. I enjoyed reading Tarkin’s thoughts on who Vader really is. Though Tarkin and Anakin had interacted during the Clone Wars it’s not common knowledge that Anakin survived to become Darth Vader. But Tarkin being the intelligent strategist that he is suspects this from the star. My final thought is that it is a good novel and gives great insight into Star Wars canon I just wish it didn’t take me so long to get through. That is my fault alone. 

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