Apocalypse Z: The Wrath of the Just Review

The Wrath of the Just: Apocalypse Z#3 Author: Manel Loureiro             Translator: Pamela Carmell.    Published: May 6, 2014 By Amazoncrossing.                               Length: 366.                                           Series: Book 3 of Apocalypse Z               My Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It’s been two years since the zombies took over the world. The young Spanish lawyer, his girlfriend Lucia, his best friend Prit and his cat Lucullus have survived many hardships. The story begins with them out on the sea on a small yacht. But with no newscasts or access to GPS they are clueless to the impending storm heading their way. During the height of the storm they are saved by a large vessel operated by a crew of American sailors. But our protagonist are about to find out the “Zombie Apocalypse” is not the worst fate.          

My Thoughts:

What a way to end this series. I had such a good time with this read. There are a lot of zombie novels out there I mean a lot. And I’m always leery of reading them. It seems very hard to come up with something original. And while I read the first two novels of this series and wasn’t overly impressed, this final book in the series was well worth it. The only country to survive the apocalypse almost unscathed is North Korea. Which makes total sense. So we have one enemy in the North Koreans who find out that the zombies are succumbing to a fungus and that within two years there will be none left. They devise a plan to get the fuel they will need to be the number one superpower in the world. Meanwhile our protagonist arrive in Gulfport Mississippi to a colony that is thriving. The problem is that it is run by a man named Joshia Greene a religious fanatic who has everyone in town under his power. The town is divided in two. One area where everyone is assigned housing were there is power and running water. Where you can live comfortable, if your white. The rest of the population is designated to the the ghetto where the conditions are subpar. Where you can barely get by if you are a minority.               

The author gives us a lot more to worry about beside zombies. Is there anything more frightening then a racist religious fanatic? The suspense was incredible and I breezed through this book. I’ve read books that were translated to English from other languages and sometimes certain things would get lost in translation, that was not the case with this though. The story was very fluid. I also read that Manel Loureiro was being called the Spanish Stephen King. I did not see this comparison. My thoughts were that since he wrote horror of course he would be compared to Mr. King. But I did notice the similarities in the third novel. Very reminiscent of King’s character development. And one last side note. Towards the end of the book the character Lucia calls the protagonist Manel, which is the name of the author. At first I thought this was an error. Then I realized that I didn’t know the protagonists name. I started to look back through all three books and I believe the protagonists name is never reviled. Then reading about the author at the end of the book it mentions the name of his wife as “Lucia”. Just found that curious. But final note a highly recommend this book. Great story. 

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