Sunday Reading Update 11/06/16

Currently reading Battlefront: Twilight Company 51%

Since not much has happened bookwise this week I thought I’d shed some insight into my reading habits and how I put my “to read pile” in order. I do it in waves of 5, 3 of those being a long standing series in a shared universe. Then something totally different in between. First will be a novel set in the Star Wars legend universe. These are novels written before Diney acquired Lucasfilms and are no longer considered canon but and are now Legends. Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon will be next. Then I’ll read something different. Then a Star Wars novel from the new canon. Currently I’m at Battlefront: Twilight Company. Then another stand alone novel. Then a novel from The Dragonlance universe. Dragonlance was a series from the early 80’s during the hey day of Dungeons & Dragons. I remember having a hard time finding them as a teenager. Now as an adult and with things like Amazon and E readers they are readily available. And while many of these novels don’t appeal to me so much as an adult I promised the teenager inside of me that I will do my best to read them all. I’m currently on “The War of the Lance. I’ve just recently added a sixth book to my set and that is “Stephen King” novels. I’m trying to read these in order of publication I just finished Carrie and next will be Salem’s Lot. There you have it. Hope everyone has had a great weekend. 

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Reading Update 11/06/16

    1. Sorry. I just saw this comment. I’ve read a lot of books from both series Forgotten Realms is good. But I enjoy Dragonlance so much more. dragonlance has a bigger more epic feel and better characters. I prefer it over Forgotten Realms any day.

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