The Executioner’s Heart Review

The Executioner’s HeartBy: George Mann

Published: July 12 by Titan Books

Length: 336 pages

Series: Book 4 of Newbury and Hobbes

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Maurice Newbury and Veronica Hobbes are still feeling the effects of their last adventure. After the attack on The Grayling Institute, Dr. Fabian is no more and neither are his macabre experiments. On the upside, in the confusion our protagonist where able to whisk Veronica’s sister away, fake her death and put her into hiding. That’s where this novel opens. Newbury has taken over the care of Amelia using the occult to try and cure her. It seems to be working but the therapy is taking a toll on Newbury’s mental and physical health. Adding to his opiod use to open his mind to the occult he is not n the worst shape ever. On top of all this someone is committing murders through London, three so far. The killer removing the victims hearts. Newbury and Hobbes along with Charles Brainbridge need to come together and solve this mystery. Find the motive behind the murders and more importantly stop the killer before he strikes again. 

My Thoughts:

At the start of this book Newbury has been locked away in his home in a opiod stupor. At first I was disappointed that we were going through this again, finding it to be to repetitive. But as I read on it made sense. Newbury is aware of the dangers but still he needs to keep doing this. The drug opens up his mind to things that he would not be able to comprehend otherwise. So he needs to walk this dangerous edge to save the life of the sister of the woman he loves. I was disappointed to see the romantic relationship between our protagonist was put on hold. Veronica has also become a stronger character not always seeing eye to eye with Newbury and taking it upon herself to do investigating on her own without telling her partner. I also like the back story on the villain “The Executioner“. Wondering if we’ve really seen the last of her. The ending of this novel has an “Empire Strikes Back” feel, in that it is very bleak, making me want to jump into the next book right away. Unfortunately it will not be out till January 2018. At least George Mann’sThe Ghost” series has a new book out that will satisfy me till then.

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