Sunday Reading Update 12/04/2016

This past week has been real busy at work and by the time I get home and relax with a book I am so tired I usually fall asleep within a couple of pages. But I did manage to finish and review The Executioner’s Heart. I also started A Better World by Marcus Sakey it’s the second book in the Brilliance Saga I was worried getting into this one being that I read the first one over a year ago and couldn’t really remember what had happened. I started keeping book journals to help with this about a month ago. But I didn’t need to worry the first chapter does a great job explaining and brining the reader up to date. I am currently 15% in. Also I am about a quarter away from finishing Catalyst: A Rogue One Story I’m really excited about the movie and wanted to read it before watching Rogue One. Hope everyone has had a great weekend. 


4 thoughts on “Sunday Reading Update 12/04/2016

    1. It’s separate. It’s my thoughts about what I’m reading. Hand written in a notebook. I use the notes I’ve written to help write my reviews. And I figure I can look back on a book that I read a while back and get caught up with out reading the book over again.

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      1. Nice! Do you find it easier to write than to type? Or is it a mental thing?
        I don’t mean to be nosy, I just like exploring what works for other people, and why, because it means something might work for me. Or some variation on it might work.


      2. I think it’s a mental thing. I write in my notebook if I can after every chapter. But I literally have to force myself to write reviews. I won’t start reading another book until I post a review about the previous one. That seems to help.

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