Bloodrush Review

Bloodrush Author: Ben Galley

Published: December 2014

Published by:

Length: 480 pages

Series: The Scarlet Star Trilogy# 1

My Rating: ⭐

Tonmerion Hark’s world is turned upside down when is father is found murdered in front of their estate. In his will Karrigan Hark asks that his 13 year old son go live with his Aunt Lillian in the frontier town of Fell Falls in Wyoming. With his Farie companion Rhin in tow Tonmerion begins a new life. He soon finds out that like his father he is a “Rusher” a person that gets special abilities by drinking the blood of certain animals. With the reluctant help of his Aunt Lillian and another “Rusher” called Lurker, Tonmerion starts learning how to control his powers. And he’s going to need them. The frontier is full of many dangers Railwraiths that haunt the railways and The Shohari, a Indian like race that doesn’t take kindly to a railroad going through they’re land.

My thoughts:

I’ll keep this short. This was a difficult read and took me much longer then it should have. I can’t say that I enjoyed it too much and many times I was about to give up. But I stuck it out to the end. I will say this, things got more interesting in the last 20 percent of this story. That being said I don’t think it is enough to take me to the second novel. This book just wasn’t for me.

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