Sunday Reading Update 01/29/2017

This is my first Reading Update of 2017. The reason I haven’t Update for a while is two fold. First I’ve been real busy and second I hadn’t read anything (like I said I’ve been busy). But things have gotten back to normal. I finished reading Bloodrush by Ben Galley and the review for it is up. I wasn’t really crazy about this one and I don’t think I will be reading the rest of the series. I am 78% into The Fireman by Joe Hill. This one is really good, not anything like I was expecting. I’ve also received my first ARC from a publisher. Pace Press sent me a copy of Memortality by Stephen H. Provost. I have to say this being my first ARC I was a little worried. What if i don’t like the book? I feel bad about giving a bad review. But I also should be honest. I figured I would read it and just tell the truth. If I didn’t like it I would say why I did or didn’t like it. But the worrying is for not. Right now in on page 79 out of 263 and I’m finding it hard to put down. The plot is unique and very interesting and I’m really enjoying the writers style. I will be posting a review very soon. I also purchase Ahsoka by E. K. Johnston  which has been on my list since I heard it was coming out. That’s all for this week, hope everyone has a great weekend. 

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