The Diary of a Young Girl Review

img_2818Diary of a Young Girl 

By: Anne Frank

Published: American Version 1952

Length: 283 pages

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

This book will go down along side Cormac McCarthy’s The Road as the two most depressing books I’ve ever read. This one more so for the fact that its a true story. On July 6, 1942 trying to escape persecution by the Nazi party, thirteen year old Anne Frank along with her father Otto, Mother Edith and sister Margot went into hiding in a building that they would come to know as the “Secret Annex”. Among the possessions that they brought along was a diary that Anne received as a birthday present a few months prior. They were soon joined by another family, The Van Pels. Hermann, Auguste and their sixteen year old soon Peter. Soon after they were joined by Fritz Pfeffer a Jewish dentist. For two years they would remain in hiding, assisted by a few trusted friends. Anne recorded in her diary the day to day life in the Annex. Until the family was betrayed and arrested in August of 1944.

My Thoughts:

Most people know that this story does not have a happy ending, that’s what makes it so sad. When you think of the Nazi occupation and the persecution of the Jewish people it seems like something that happen so long ago, but in reality it isn’t. This happened a mere thirty years before I was born. There are people still alive that remember when this was happening.

You can only begin to imagine the difficulties of being in such close proximity to the same people everyday. But yet Anne still tried to remain optimistic. Her diary entries one day would go from rants of how unfair she is being treated by the adults and the squabbles that happened from day to day, to the next day of how she will try to be a better person and remain optimistic about their situation. I can imagine what she must of went through after her arrest, going from being sick of seeing the same people day in and day out to finding herself alone. My one hope is that her sister and her remained together till the end.

This was my classic read of the year and while it is incredibly sad it is also incredibly important. A must read.

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