Stormblade Review

Title: Stormblade

Author: Nancy Varian Berberick 

Published: August 12, 1988/ TSR

Length: 352

My Rating:⭐⭐⭐

A kingsword has been forged in the Dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin. With this sword a Dwarf can become High King. It’s been over 300 years since a Kingsword has been created. This sword is named Stormblade and shortly after its creation, before it can be presented to Hornfel the King Regent it is stolen. Many years later it’s creator Isarn has become insane. His apprentice Stanach has vowed to recover Stormblade. But the evil Derro race of dwarves also seek Stormblade. Thru the passage of time Stormblade finds itself in the hands of the human ranger Hauk, who gives it to the barmaid Kelida as a peace offering after risking her life in a game of chance. Shortly after he is captured by the Derro who believe he still has the sword. But Huak refuses to give them the whereabouts of Stormblade. Stanach along with the Elf Tyrol and the aging Kender Lavim must join forces to deliver Stormblade to Thorbardin and prevent the assassination of the King Regent. 

My Thought:

Stormblade is the second novel in the Heroes series in the Dragonlance universe. These novels have been a favorite of mine for the past thirty years. Beginning with the Dragonlance Chronicles then followed by the Legends series. Many novels followed filling in the history of the world of Krynn these novels were always hit or miss. Stormblade to me was considered a hit. It helps that the Companions from the original series make a small appearance. But even though it was a solid story with all your fantasy troupes. A quest for a weapon that can’t fall into the enemies hands. A group of various races that don’t get along but need to put aside their differences for the greater good. All of that but on a smaller scale. It had the feel of an old school Dungeons & Dragons adventure. Not a bad addition to the Dragonlance universe. A solid read. 

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