Retro Thursday

Han Solo at Star’s End by Brian Daley

I’ve chosen to highlight this book this week for Retro Thursday because it holds a special place in my heart. I believe that this is the book that caused my love of reading. It was back in 1979 I was a first grader in P.S. 50 in Manhattan.  My teacher was absent that day and due to a shortage of substitute teachers we were sent to different classrooms. I was sent to a sixth grade class were the teacher had me share a desk with who I’m assuming was her most responsible student. I was given some paper and a pencil to keep myself entertained. I’ve always loved to draw and began drawing Star Wars characters. I guess my abilities were enough to impress the sixth grader who’s desk I was sharing. He passed the drawing around to some friends and one of them pulled out Han Solo at Star’s End from his backpack and handed it to me. I asked him if this was the book about the Star Wars movie? He explained to me that this book told a story about Han Solo’s adventures before movie. I nearly lost my mind I had no idea that there were more stories told in the Star Wars universe. But I hadn’t learn to read that well yet. And I wanted to read this story so bad. After that I was anxious to learn how to read. I promptly learned to love the world of books and books since then have always held an important part in my life. Funny thing was I never got to read Han Solo at Star’s End until almost twenty years later. Also kudos to Wayne Douglas Barlow the cover artist whose art work had me speculating what wonders those pages hid.

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