Comic Book Tuesday

Darth Vader Vol. 1, Vader 

Author: Kieron Gillen 

Artist: Salvador Larroca 

Published: October 2015/ Marvel Comics

Length: 160 pages

Series: Collecting Darth Vader issues 1-6

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

After the destruction of the Death Star, Vader is the only one alive and the Emperor holds him responsible. Vader finds out that The Emperor has been having meetings with someone about a possible new apprentice. So Vader starts doing some side planning of his own. He hires Bobba Fett to find out who the force sensitive pilot who destroyed the Death Star is. And he hires a female archeologists named Dr. Aphra. Aphra was able to acquire a “triple  Zero droid personality matrix” and place it in a spare 3PO unit. Along with a BT-1 assassin droid Aphra was able to acquire a droid army for Vader. They locate Doctor Cylo who was building cybernetic enhanced beings. At this time The Emperor arrives and demands that they be tested against Vader. Vader prevails but The Emperor is impressed and decided to find a use for Cylo’s creations.  

My Thoughts:

I liked this one just a little more than Star Wars vol. 1. Both were pretty good additions to the Star Wars mythos. I thought the artwork was great. If I’m not mistaken Salvador Larroca has been around for a while without Googling him I want to say he’s done some work in the X-Men universe. I really enjoyed the Dr. Aphra character. Her personality is the complete opposite of the Dark Lord and you would think that Her and Vader wouldn’t work well together, but they totally do. I heard she is getting her own series. I look forward to it and more of the Vader series. We also see how Vader discovers that Luke is his son. That something that I never gave that much to. 

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