Salem’s Lot Review

Salem’s Lot
Author: Stephen King

Published: October 1975

Length: 439 pages

Series: Stand Alone Novel 

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Salem’s Lot is a small New England town in Maine with a haunting evil secret. Maybe it was that evil that attracted the vampire Barlow to the area. Ben Mears is a writer with a few successful novels, but something happened to him while living in The Lot as a small boy. Something that had to do with the local haunted house. Now Ben is back to face those demons. Little by little the residents of The Lot are disappearing and becoming subjects of the vampire Barlow. A local school teacher, Matt Burke is one of the first to realize what is happening to the town and confides his findings with Ben. Now Ben along with the local doctor James Cody and his love interest Susan Norton must try and put a stop to the mysterious Barlow. The first thing they do is alert the local priest Father Callahan and they recruit him to help rid the town of the vampireAt the same time a young boy by the name of Mark Petrie is also coming to the realization that vampires are taking over his hometown. Being young and a fan of monster magazines gives him an advantage. He is able to recognize what is going on and how to combat it. These six must unite and try to save their small town. But how do you battle an ancient evil who has walked the earth for centuries?

My Thoughts:

Salem’s Lot Is the second novel by Stephen King and I am rereading it in an attempt to read all of his novels. The last time I read it was probably twenty years ago. I enjoyed it then and I enjoyed it now. It feels like a modern take on Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Even though the book is not so modern now, being set in the 70’s when the book was published. And it’s set in America. It’s a great vampire tale with evil vampires not love sick sparkly ones. These are the vampires that keep you up at night with the blanket over your head praying that he doesn’t pay you a visit and that the sunrise would come soon. King sets up the story by giving you little back stories about many of the residents. By the time the vampire starts claiming it’s victims you feel as if you personally know many of the town folk. And it has the creepiest atmosphere. This is old school Stephen King at his best. Now the connections between this book and The Dark Tower series. Vampires show up in the later books, but the biggest one is Father Callahan who shows up in Vol. 5, Wolves of the Calla. Callahan mentions many characters and events from the book. One of Ben Mears books Air Dance is known by Eddie Dean. The novel Salem’s Lot itself makes an appearance. Great Novel. Up next The Shining

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