Sunday Reading Update

I’m writing this one early and it will be short. My wife is still asleep and I plan to dedicate the day to her once she wakes up. This week flew by. At work I had to travel to a different town in a RV everyday and do a story on said Town. So I was especially busy. I’m at 22% with The Sorceress and 37% with Heir to the Empire. I’ve also started watching A Game of Thrones I hope to catch up with everyone else once the new season starts. Also the TV show Humans I’m on the first episode of season 2 and not sure how I feel about it. The first season was great, but the second season started off with such a different feel. That’s all for today. 

#heirtotheempire #thesorceress #agameofthrones #humans #read #books #scifi #fantasy #horror #reviews #genre


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