Sunday Reading Update 06/11/2017

So I’ve been seriously neglecting my page. Lately it’s been a real struggle. I think because I haven’t really read anything that ha wowed me. I’m a really compulsive person and once a have a certain order on my TBR pile I usually stick to it. But lately I’ve been reading certain book series that I wasn’t enjoying and it made reading and blogging feel more like work then fun. So I’ve made some changes. I have stopped reading books in the Star Wars Lengend series. There is just too many and I haven’t been impressed with any of them in a while. I will still be reading Star Wars books in the new canon as there is not as many and I shouldnt have a problem getting ahead of this series. I still will be reading books in the Dragonlance series for now. No more books are being written in this series and its just something I want to complete. I will still be making my way through the Stephen King catalog another life goal. in between each of this books I will read a random series that is in my TBR pile and a stand alone book, meaning it is a one shot and not part og a series. As of the moment I am reading Weasel’s Luck by Micheal Williams it is Part #3 in the Dragonlance: Heroes series and I am at 65%. I’m also reading The Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice The third novel in The Vampire Chronicles series and I am about 50% thru with this one. In other book news I recently purchased Gwendy’s Button Box by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar and this will go to the top of my reading pile. That’s all have a great week.

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