The Hidden Face Review


The Hidden face

By: S. C. Flynn

Length: 350 Pages

Date Read: March 2018

Series:  Book One of Fifth Unmasking

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

About every 500 hundred years The Sun God Akhen takes on a new face. No one knows where the Face will turn up next, but the empire that has the good fortune of having the Face among them prospers against their enemies. This makes the smarter clans who have the Face as a part of them treat the other clans with respect for they never know which clan is the one to have the Face next. Knowing it’s not very smart to mistreat  another clan, knowing that the next time around the tables can be turned. Currently The Faustian Empire where the last to have The Face Unmasked within them. Dayraven ( by the way one of the coolest names I’ve seen in a while) son of the Faustian hero Urland has returned home after being a hostage of The Magians for the past 15 years. But things have changed in his childhood home. The Emperor Clavos doesn’t seem himself and his right hand man is Dayraven’s sworn enemy. But on the night when Dayraven was suppose to meet up with his old teacher Halakh to hear some important news, Dayraven finds him murdered. Now Dayraven with the help of the woman warrior Sunniva, they must solve the clues that Halakh left behind.

My Thoughts:

The best way to describe this book is a mix of A Song of Ice and Fire with The Sword of Truth series set in a Roman Empire. I found the politics of the different clans very easy to follow. Each character had a unique name and whenever they appeared I did not have to go searching to previous spots to remind myself who they were. The love story between the two protaganists felt natural, not forced and the moment where they reveal their feelings for each other was not stretched over the course of the story just to be revealed at the very end. What bothered me a little where the clues. The way the main characters solved them was using a language and alphabet that was invented I’m assuming by the author. So when the explination was given on how to crack the code I just had to assume that it was right and go with it. There was nothing for me to base it on. There might be some readers who find that kind of stuff interesting, but I’m not one of them. Also Dayraven and Sunniva talked at lengths about their Fathers. We learn that both were very close with their Fathers and it just made me wonder about their mothers. I don’t think that neither of their Mothers were mentioned. But other than that I had a real good time with this book and look foward to see where the series goes.

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Sunday Reading Update 04/01/2018

IMG_5044The weather outside is starting to get nicer. While it’s still not warm enough to sit outside under the sun with a good book and a cold drink it is nice enough for walks. I recently downloaded an app called AllTrails it’s free and shows you hiking trails within your area, with a rating of easy, moderate and hard. Not sure if there is a very hard. If there is there is none in my area. I plan to use this app a lot on the weekends to go hiking with my daughter.

In book stuff I finished reading The Hidden Face by S. C. Flynn and enjoyed it very much. Stay tuned for my review in the next day or two. Still reading The Stand (man this book is long) I’m at the 64% mark and I’ll do a short review of Book 2. Just started reading The Handmaid’s Tale I had no interest in this book, but during a bookish conversation with a coworker she convinced me to try it. And I have to admit I’m very excited to get into this one.

Also I saw Ready Player One last night had to go alone but I enjoyed it. Somethings were changed, I guess they couldn’t get the copyrights to everything that was in the book but it still had the same feel. Really good, happy I saw it on the big screen.

I hope everyone had a Happy Eastern. See you next week.

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Star Wars Aftermath: Life Debt Review

img_0005Star Wars Aftermath: Life Debt

By: Chuck Wendig

Length: 430 pages

Date Read: March 17, 2018

Series: Star Wars Aftermath #2

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Rebel Norra Wexley, her son Temmen, The ex-imperial Sinjir Rath Velus, the female Zabrak Jas Emari and republic soldier Jom Barell are in the bussiness of hunting down Imperials, and bussiness is booming. (Sorry couldn’t help that.) But seriously it’s been five years since the battle of Endor and lots of high powered Imperials are on the run. It’s the job of Norra and her band to retrieve them and see that they receive justice with the New Republic. After her latest capture, Princess Leia asks for Norra’s help in locating her husband Han Solo. Han has gone missing during an attempt to help Chewbacca liberate the Wookies on the planet Kashyyyk. Using back channels Norrra is able to find Han’s last known location. They eventually find Han and learn from him that Chewbacca has been captured. They decided to help Han free the Wookies from there Imperial slave lords. That and the fact that Han is not going to leave with out Chewbacca. Can Norra and her crew help Han rescue the Wookies of Kashyyk? Or will they fail and become slaves to the Empire themselves?

My Thoughts:

This is the second novel in the Aftermath series. These books were meant to fill the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. But still I find them to be a little boring. I read that the second is better then the first, but I actually liked the first one more then this one. I was excited to find that some of the original characters had a bigger part to play in this one. But the Han Solo in this book felt too hot headed. Han is suppose to be more experienced and not take dumb risks. My thought is that maybe it was Chewie’s life that was at stake here, Han would’t be thinking straight. I haven’t read the summary for the third book yet but I’m hoping that the series improves with the last outing. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Sunday Reading Update 03/18/2018

I didn’t write an update last week because quite frankly I had nothing to say. This week is a little different. I was able to finish Star Wars Aftermath: Life Debt and a review will be up soon. I’m about halfway through Stephen King’s The Stand. I was given a copy of The Hidden Face by the author S. C. Flynn and I started reading that yesterday. I’m about 15% in, and so far the world building is very good, interesting, easy to understand. Sometimes world building and the politics can be very confusing. I’ll have to turn back pages asking myself “who is this again?” That isn’t the case here. I find the names easy to remember so it’s easy to remember who did what. Enjoying so far.

In non book news I saw The Black Panther last night and enjoyed it very much. I don’t get to the movies as often as I like. My must see for this summer? Avengers: Infinity War, Ready Player One and most of all Solo. In my X-Files viewing I’m still on Season 1 ep. 19. I find when I have time to sit down and see a couple of episodes I tend to fall asleep.

also that is to a conversation I recently had with a coworker, who convinced me to read The Handmaid’s Tale. I’ve never really had any interest in the book, but she told me the plot and sold me on it. I can’t wait to start it. I hope everyone has a great week. Thanks for reading the blog.

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The Stand Mini Review Book I

Since The Stand is such a large novel, coming in at just over a thousand pages, and divided into three books. I’ve made the decision to do a mini review for each part. Our story starts at a secret government base out west (I believe it’s in California). A lone security guard named Charlie is the first to notice something is wrong The numbers on the clock have gone to red meaning that one of the viruses that are being created there has escaped. Instead of following procedure and locking down the facility Charlie makes a run for it. If it wasn’t for Charlie our story would of come to an end. The government would’ve covered up all that happened and we would’ve been none the wiser. But Charlie makes it out collecting his wife and young daughter and heads east exposing many people along the way.

Charlie makes it to a small Texas town just north of Arnette where he crashes the gas pumps of a small Texaco station. With his wife and small child already dead Charlie soon follows. But before he does he exposes the small group of locales gathered and the station one of them is Stu Redman.

We also meet Frannie Goldsmith a young college student living in Ogunquit Maine who recently found out that she is pregnant. Her mother doesn’t take the news well. Frannie has the support of her father and this creates a rift with her mother who comes down with flu like symptoms and after a few days dies. Her father soon follows.

In California Larry Underwood is finally on the verge of making it big after playing in numerous bands and singing in small nightclubs. With the single “Baby Can You Dig Your Man?” Climbing the charts Larry has a hit on his hands. But he begins partying a little too hard and after receiving advice from a friend he decides to lay low and visit his mother in New York. While there his mother also develops flu like symptoms and passes away.

In Shoyo, Arkansas deaf mute Nick Andros has just left a local bar and continues his trip heading somewhere north when he is set upon by Ray Booth and some of his friends. Nick is almost beaten to death and loses consciousness. He wakes up in a small jail cell where meets John Baker the local sheriff who rounds up the guys who beat up Nick. He also gives him a small job helping around the station. Soon after Sheriff Baker and all of the residents of Shoyo die from the flu.

Lloyd Henreid and Poke are on an international crime spree having murdered a total of six people in Arizona and Nevada. They are low on cash and decided to rob a convenience store in a small town. But their plans go south when they discover and off duty lawman is in the store Lloyd’s partner is shot and killed and Lloyd is captured. Now incarcerated and possibly facing a death sentence Lloyd believes things can’t get much worse. But they do, people in the jail start to become sick and die the guards and staff leave and never return. So Lloyd finds himself alone locked in a cell without any food. Facing a slow death by starvation.

While we meet these characters the world is rapidly going to hell. The super flu known as Captain Tripps is killing everyone at an alarming rate there is no cure and only a small number are immune. Within months the world as we know it is no more. Stu Redman after being one of the first to come across the super flu is taken by the army and taken to CDC in Atlanta after spending some time there he is taken to New Hampshire. He realizes that the hospital that he is in is becoming more of a prison. He is able to escape and begins heading toward the ocean. He meets a man named Glen Bateman and his dog Kojak. He also meets Frannie Goldsmith who along with Harold Lauder decide to go try and find other people.

Larry Underwood has left New York to do the same.

Nick Andros has also left and along the way meets a slightly retarded man named Tom Cullen. All of these characters dream about and old women named Mother Abigail who is in Nebraska and tells them to come see her whenever they like. They also have nightmares of a man with no face that some have called the Walking Dude.

My Thoughts:

This is just the start of a massive adventure. All the characters are incredible thought out and we find out all about there background and what they were like before the shit hit the fan in between that we find out how the world is coming to an end and how the government is dealing with the crisis. It’s fascinating to see how the virus travels through out the country and how the few who survive are dealing with the new world around them.

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Sunday Reading Update 03/04/2018

February has come and gone, but the weather in the first week of March hasn’t gotten any better. I get real anxious this time of the year looking forward to warmer weather. But when I check my weather app which shows me the next week and a half none of the days has a temp over 45 degrees. Reading has been slow. I blame it on the size of Stephen King’s The Stand. This book is massive. Looking at the table of contents for the book, it is divided into three parts. So I’ve come to the decision to right a small review for each part. I’ve read the first part so expect a review in the next upcoming days. I was also surprised to find that the Kindle version that i purchased includes art work by the late great Bernie Wrightson. Even in black and white they are awesome. I’m almost at the halfway mark with Star Wars Aftermath: Life Debt. So hopefully I’ll be done with that one soon.

In other news The Walking Dead has started up again. The first episode dragged the death of Carl throughout the whole hour and a half episode. I thought the episode was ok but it didn’t need to be almost 90 minutes. This Monday is the last episode of Rebels and I’m excited to see how the end things. I’m more excited to see what comes next for Dave Filoni. I would love an animated series that takes place after Return of the Jedi. Put I’ll take what ever they give me.

That’s all for today I hope every one has a great week.

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Sunday Reading Update February 25, 2018

Good Sunday morning everyone. As you can tell from the picture above I’m still reading Star Wars Aftermath: Life Debt by Chuck Wendig I’m currently at 30% Also I’m about 26% of the way on Stephen King’s The Stand. It’s such a long book but it’s so good. The beginning of this book is so good I don’t know why the fall of society is so interesting. I don’t know if I’ve said it here before? Ive read this book before but this time around is much different. Reading it during one of the worst flu season where many people are dying can almost make you paranoid.

On new books I was given a review copy of The Hidden Face by the author S.C. Flynn and I will be moving that to the top of my reading pile. I’ll be tackling that one as soon as I finish Aftermath. I also signed on for Tor’s newsletter where they have a free book of the month, this months free book is Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World. I’ve been meaning to look into this series for a long time, so I’ll be adding this one to my reading list.

In other news, I read that The Dark Tower t.v. series will be on Amazon. I’m excited for this, I didn’t bother to watch the movie. I was such a fan of the series and the movie looked so bad I didn’t want it to tarnish my love for the series. But I feel that a t.v. Series is the best way to faithfully adapt the books. With this and also a Lord of the Rings series I might seriously have to consider getting Amazon’s streaming service. On my X-Files viewing I am currently on episode 10 of the first season. That’s all for now. Have a great week.

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