Sunday Reading Update 02/04/2018

Happy Sunday everyone. Nothing exciting to report this week. Just waiting for the weather to warm up. On the reading end I finished reading Brothers Majere and I already posted a review. I’m not letting myself start another book until I write my review which inspires me to write a review right away. I was able to begin I Am Legend last night. So far I’m finding it very different from the movie. I should be finished with American Gods by the time a post my next Sunday Reading Update.

In other news I recently got an email from Amazon telling me about an update on a book that I bought a while back. The book was Timebound by Rysa Walker,so I got the update and to my surprise the book now has animation. This is nothing new I purchased Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the animation alone. Just to help when I read it to my daughter. I still haven’t read Timebound yet but I’m looking forward to it.

Also I binged 11/22/63 on Hulu. it was really good. Very different from the book but still very good.

That’s all for this week. Enjoy your week.

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Brothers Majere Review

Brothers Majere

By: Kevin Stein

Published: December 1989

Length: 352 pages

Date Read: February 2018

Series: Dragonlance: Preludes #3

My Rating: ⭐️

“You see, Caramon,” Raistlin said, with a soft sigh, “I think that I am at last beginning to understand.” “I’m glad you are. I don’t understand a damn thing!”<
he quote above pretty much sums up how I feel about this book. If you are familiar with the Dragonlance Chronicles you know that the heroes went their separate ways 5 years before the adventure that took place in the original trilogy. Preludes tells some of what Raistlin and Caramon Majere did in that time. The story starts after Raistlin has completed his test in the Tower of High Sorcery. While his body was damaged he gained great power. The brothers along with the Kender, Earwig Lockpick cousin of Tasslehoff Burrfoot are looking for a job to replenish their empty pockets. They find a post looking for someone to help the town of Mereklar solve the mystery of their missing cats. The city of Mereklar loves its cats. All cats are welcomed there and it’s residence believe that one day their cats will save the world. But lately the cats have gone missing. The brothers and the Kender are hired to solve the mystery and return the cats to the city. But someone in the city doesn’t want the cats to return and are willing to kill to make sure that doesn’t happen.

My Thoughts:<<<
read this book about twenty years ago, but for the life of me I could not remember anything about it. That should of been my first clue. This book was really difficult to get through. It was extremely boring. It's suppose to play out like a mystery but good mystery novels give you small clues and some insight that the protagonist do not have without giving away the story. This book didn't do that. I was lost through the whole thing. I did not have a clue about what was going on. The epilogue at the end tries to explain everything. This will go down as one of my least favorite Dragonlance novels.

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Sunday Reading Update 01/28/2018

nothing really great to report about this week. I’m making leeway with both novels I’m reading. I’m about 63% done with the Brothers Majere and just can’t seem to enjoy it. The story telling is just below average. It tries to play out as a mystery, but a good mystery leaves clues for you to think about and try to figure out. But this book gives you nothing, unless it is and I’m too dumb to see them.

With American Gods I’m at 39% and while I find it interesting and I am enjoying it sometimes I wish it would move a little faster. The one motivation I have to read thru these books is the next one on my TBR list and that is Stephen King’s The Stand. Although who knows with the current flu epidemic going around I might get paranoid.

On the book news front I just found out a fifth book has been written in the Millennium series. For those that are not familiar with that series it is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books. I heard the first four in Audiobook form while working a second job that didn’t require much thinking. I’ll have to read this fifth installment. It’s not on my TBR pile yet but I’ll keep an eye on it.

That’s all for my Sunday Reading Update I hope everyone has a great week.

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Sunday Reading Update 01/21/2018

it’s been a hectic week at home for me, all three of my kids got sick with a stomach bug and not at the same time. Then my wife had eye surgery midweek. So I missed 3 days of work. I did manage to finish reading Animal Farm and I did manage to write a review for it. I’m currently reading Brothers Majere by Kevin Stein and American Gods by Neil Gaiman. 38% and 16% respectively. My thoughts so far on Brothers Majere? Meh. Not impressed. Just trying to get through it. American Gods I’m enjoying so far. While I did read this a while ago I can’t remember much of it. I remember having problems with it my first time around.

In book news a cover was released for Stephen Kings upcoming book The Outsider:I have to admit it’s creepy looking. Can’t wait for this one coming out in May.

In other news not book related but important to me, Def Leppard’s music catalog is now available for streaming on Spotify. This makes me very happy. Looking toward to spending time in car.

That’s all for this week. Stay warm out there.

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Animal Farm Review

Animal Farm

By: George Orwell

Published: August 1945

Pages: 122

Date Read: January 2018

Series: Stand alone novel

My Rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Starting the year off reading a classic book is something I’ve done for the past five years. It makes me leave my comfort zone and read something I otherwise would not have read. I’ve found some new favorites, there were some that I did not enjoy but all of them have stuck with me. I guess that’s why they are classics. This years choice was no different. George Orwell’s Animal Farm was a terrific read.

I’ve always known that this novel was political satire but I wasn’t aware that it was about the Russian Revolution or about the Stalin Era. I’m not a big history buff, but not being familiar with these events did nothing to decrease my enjoyment of the story.

The animals of Manor Farm were unhappy. Having to live on a farm with an alcoholic owner, the were mistreated and often went unfeed. A pig by the name of Old Major being at the end of his lifetime told the other animals about a dream he had were the animals rebelled against the humans and tended to the farm for themselves. After Old Major’s death the animals do rebel due to the owner being drunk and forgetting to feed them. After the humans are run off the animals come up with plans to run the farm. At first all goes well. The animals are happy and all the animals prosper. Two pigs stand out amongst the rest of the animals Snowball and Napoleon. The two pigs are very smart and start to come up with big plans. But soon the two pigs can’t agree on anything. Snowball seems to have the farm’s best interest in mind but Napoleon is greedy and thinks only of himself. He is able to run Snowball off the farm and manipulate everyone to believe that he is the cause hardships that begin to take place. Things get worse and worse and climax with one of the animals being taken to the slaughter house and pigs coming into agreements with humans.

While this is a satire of the Russian Revolution it’s easy to see similarities with today’s political climate. It is brilliant and timeless. A great way to start my reading for 2018.

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Sunday Reading Update 01/14/2018

My New Years resolution this year was to be more active on my blog. During the end of2017 I just didn’t feel like posting reviews or Sunday Reading Updates. I felt like why bother? Who’s reading? So I just stopped. But then I realized that I miss the writing I miss thinking about a book as soon as I finish reading it and trying to get my thoughts about how I feel about it in words. In short I realized what most bloggers do sooner or later and that is to blog for oneself. I will not worry about how many followers I get and who reads my reviews. I will keep writing these for myself and if anyone wants to come along for the ride they are more then welcome. I will only be posting reviews and Sunday Reading Updates for the time being.

Now with that out of the way, as my TBR pile goes I am trying to read all the Star Wars new canon books. The whole Dragonlance series. And all of Stephen Kings novels. I also read something else in between those to break it up. If I am offered a chance to review a book or if a new Stephen King book comes out or if I find something I really want I’ll put it on the top of the pile. Also I like to start the beginning of the year by reading I classic book that I’ve never read. So I closed last year with Bloodline by Claudia Gray but I won’t be posting a review on it. I start this year with Animal Farm by George Orwell. This looks like a quick read. I started yesterday and I am almost halfway through. So far I’m enjoying it. The other book that I’m reading is The Brothers Majere by Kevin Stein. This is part of the Dragonlance series. These books are always hit or miss but this one features Raistlin and those always seem to be pretty good.

Things that I’m looking forward to reading wise this year? George Mann has a new novel coming out in his Newbury and Hobbes series The Revanant Express should be out at some point in February and Stephen King’s latest The Outsider comes out May 22. I’ve also signed up on Goodreads as Genre Book Reviews and I’ve set a goal of 40 books to read this year. That’s all for this week.

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Sunday Reading Update 09/10/2017

Here is what’s been going on for me this week. First I’m reading Darkness and Light by Paul B. Thompson and Tonya R. Carter it’s part of the Dragonlance series I’m about 30% in and I’m not impressed. Also reading Follow You Home by Mark Edward I’m about 25% in and enjoying it so far. A lot of suspense and I’m not completely sure what’s going on which is a good thing. Also I purchased Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Illustrated Kindle in Motion and it is gorgeous. I was so excited to get this. The pics I took don’t do it justice. On the cover the steam from the train moves and the owl flaps it’s wings. In the pic below the birds fly around, the waves move and the boat bobs up and down. I got this mostly for my 7 year old daughter. Thinking we can read it together and be surprised by each new picture. Also my wife and I had Friday of and with the kids in school we had some precious time to ourselves and decided to spend it in the theater by catching Stephen King’s It. We both enjoyed it. Me from a Stephen King fan and my wife from a horror fan. All in all not a bad week. 

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