Sunday Reading Update 01/14/2018

My New Years resolution this year was to be more active on my blog. During the end of2017 I just didn’t feel like posting reviews or Sunday Reading Updates. I felt like why bother? Who’s reading? So I just stopped. But then I realized that I miss the writing I miss thinking about a book as soon as I finish reading it and trying to get my thoughts about how I feel about it in words. In short I realized what most bloggers do sooner or later and that is to blog for oneself. I will not worry about how many followers I get and who reads my reviews. I will keep writing these for myself and if anyone wants to come along for the ride they are more then welcome. I will only be posting reviews and Sunday Reading Updates for the time being.

Now with that out of the way, as my TBR pile goes I am trying to read all the Star Wars new canon books. The whole Dragonlance series. And all of Stephen Kings novels. I also read something else in between those to break it up. If I am offered a chance to review a book or if a new Stephen King book comes out or if I find something I really want I’ll put it on the top of the pile. Also I like to start the beginning of the year by reading I classic book that I’ve never read. So I closed last year with Bloodline by Claudia Gray but I won’t be posting a review on it. I start this year with Animal Farm by George Orwell. This looks like a quick read. I started yesterday and I am almost halfway through. So far I’m enjoying it. The other book that I’m reading is The Brothers Majere by Kevin Stein. This is part of the Dragonlance series. These books are always hit or miss but this one features Raistlin and those always seem to be pretty good.

Things that I’m looking forward to reading wise this year? George Mann has a new novel coming out in his Newbury and Hobbes series The Revanant Express should be out at some point in February and Stephen King’s latest The Outsider comes out May 22. I’ve also signed up on Goodreads as Genre Book Reviews and I’ve set a goal of 40 books to read this year. That’s all for this week.

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Sunday Reading Update 09/10/2017

Here is what’s been going on for me this week. First I’m reading Darkness and Light by Paul B. Thompson and Tonya R. Carter it’s part of the Dragonlance series I’m about 30% in and I’m not impressed. Also reading Follow You Home by Mark Edward I’m about 25% in and enjoying it so far. A lot of suspense and I’m not completely sure what’s going on which is a good thing. Also I purchased Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Illustrated Kindle in Motion and it is gorgeous. I was so excited to get this. The pics I took don’t do it justice. On the cover the steam from the train moves and the owl flaps it’s wings. In the pic below the birds fly around, the waves move and the boat bobs up and down. I got this mostly for my 7 year old daughter. Thinking we can read it together and be surprised by each new picture. Also my wife and I had Friday of and with the kids in school we had some precious time to ourselves and decided to spend it in the theater by catching Stephen King’s It. We both enjoyed it. Me from a Stephen King fan and my wife from a horror fan. All in all not a bad week. 

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Retro Thursday 

Dragons of Autumn TwilightProbably one of my all time favorites. I’ve must of bought this novel at least five times and have read it at least ten. I’ve chosen the original cover by Larry Elmore because it is still my favorite. Written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman in 1984, this is the book that got me into fantasy. I read this and I was hooked. I know the. Ok has its flaws but I still love it and seemed to be drawn to it still. I believe I read it at least once every five years. The image above is not my copy it was found on google. 

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Artemis Review


Author: Andy Weir

Published: November 14, 2017/ Crown Publishing

Length: 384 pages

Series: Stand Alone

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

(Thanks to Netgalley and Crown Publishing for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review)

Artemis is the name of the only city on the moon. People live and work here and go about their bussiness as they would on any Earth city. Jazz Bashara is one of this people she works as a Porter which basically means she transports stuff all over the city. Being a Porter doesnt’t pay much so Jazz has a side job as a smuggler, bringing in contraband into Artemis. One of her best clients is a man named Trond Landvik a millionare entrepreneur. Trond has a bussiness offer for Jazz, but instead of the petty crimes that she has been doing this is big league. She is asked to sabotage the local smelting plant that supplies oxygen to the city. The city will not be put into danger Trond just wants to take over the smelting plants. While Jazz has never done anything this extreme before she is offered a million slugs (Artemis currency). Its an offer Jazz can’t refuse. But things go wrong and she realizes there is more at stake then just oxygen. And the people involved are the higher ups in Artemis and some are very, very dangerous.

My Thoughts:

This was a great book and I really enjoyed it. If you enjoyed Mr. Weir’s previous novel The Martian or if you are a fan of Hugh Howley’s Wool then you’ll probably enjoy this book as well. Jazz is the narrator and a great character very spunky and smart. I enjoyed the fact that she came from a very devote Muslim family, which brought a lot of conflict between her and her father who took issue with the way Jazz made her money. We are also introduced to an array of lively characters, Martin Svoboda the tech geek how helps Jazz out. Dale who used to be best friends with Jazz until he slept with her boyfriend. Jazz needs help from these two and from a number of other characters to pull of a heist to save her behind and to make sure that Artemis doesn’t become a city controlled by mafia types and as in The Martian these problems can’t be solved with muscles. Only smarts, science and quick thinking is going to save the day in this story. I liked the fact that everyone carried a device with them called a Gizmo which is basically our iPhones. I also enjoyed the way the chapters were broken up with emails between Jazz and a guy by the name of Kevin back on Earth. It seems like they started out as Pen Pals assigned to each other as a school project and they kept up their friendship even after they both finished school. One complaint I do have was a weird scene while I don’t want to give to much away Martin asks Jazz to test out an invention that he made. She promised to test it out at her earliest opportunity but nothing came up of it. It was mentioned once more in the story and I thought that device would somehow be what was needed to save the day but nothing ever came out of it. When all was said and done I enjoyed this book very much and was glad to have an early opportunity to read it.

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Retro Thursday

Today’s Retro Thursday is The Dragonbone Chair by Tad Williams. I was able to buy this for a quarter. Not sure what the stories about but it’s an awesome cover. 

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The Shining Review

The Shining

Author: Stephen King

Published: January 28, 1977/ Doubleday & Compny, Inc.

Length: 447 pages

Series: The Shining #1

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Torrance family is a family of three. Mom Wendy, Little 5 year old Danny and Dad Jack. Jack was an alcholic with a big temper. After a scare on the road one night he decides to quit drinking, but his temper remains. During one incident while drunk he breaks Danny’s arm. Then there is another incident at the prestigous prep school where he works.He looses his temper with a student and is fired from his job. Through some pull from a friend Jack lands a job as the winter caretaker of the Overlook Hotel. He and his family make the move from New England to Colorado to spend the winter cut off from the rest of the world. Jack is hoping the isolation will give him the privacy he needs to write his play and reconnect with his wife and child. But the Overlook has different plans, especially for Danny who possess a power known as Shining

My Thoughts:

I read this book about three years ago, right after purchasing Doctor Sleep. I wasn’t blown away by it and gave it three stars. This time I  enjoyed it much more and gave it four stars. Even though Jack broke his son’s arm he really loved him more tan anything in the world. But he is weak and very flawed first letting alcohol control his life then later his temper. These are flaws that the Overlook hotel takes advantage of. Many bad things have happened in the past at the Overlook. Things that if Jack was aware of might have caused him to turn down the position as caretaker, but once he starts to realize things aren’t what they seem its too late to turn back. Danny does have an ally in Dick Halloran the cook who also has The Shine. This is the third book published by King. His fourth is Rage which is out of print. I’m going to have to do some searching for this one.

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Sunday Reading Update 08/27/2017

First of all let start by apologizing for the quality of the photo above. I just woke up and I’m drinking coffee and I was too lazy to move to another part of the house without a window behind me. I am currently reading an ARC copy of Andy Weir’s Artemis. I’m about 27% in and enjoying it so far. It reminds me of Wool it has a kind of claustrophobic feel. Also Andy is great at explaining science to those of us that aren’t so smart. I feel smarter just by reading it. I’m also at the 90% mark with The Shining by Stephen King. I should be finished by the end of the day and will post a review soon. After that I will strictly read Artemis. I want to get this one reviewed as quickly as possible.

In other news a while back for my Retro Thursday post I featured The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe the 1970 Collier edition.  Well during a trip to my local library with my daughter I was able to purcahse all the books in the series for less then 2 dollars.

While I do own this in Ebook format I love just looking at these. Something about the simplicity just opens the imagination. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, see you all soon.

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